Make a habit of achieving your goals every day!

  • Lay a foundation
  • Build
  • Share and celebrate with others

We value people over programs


Benefits of 30-60 minutes of aerobic/strength exercise 3-5 times/week (according to the Center for Disease Control):

  • Reduce our risk of Cardiovascular disease and stroke (2 of the top 10 causes of death)
  • Strengthen our muscles, bones, and lungs
  • Reduce risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce risk of depression
  • Improves our sleep
  • Can help us feel more positive, empowered, and confident!
People are more important than programs

We know there are many avenues one can take to become healthy. Individuals have their own goals and strengths, so we would love to offer guidance on the pathway to living well, using any resource available. If you start with nothing we will help you begin, if you’ve been at this for a while, we will offer you something new and challenging. Any person, any ability level, anything is possible.

Our home is yours

Convenience is key to good service, and we take pride in the convenience of our facility. We provide showers and lockers to our members and maintain a high level of cleanliness and functionality. We know people are constantly on-the-go, and a fitness facility shouldn’t be something that holds you back!


  • 1. We want people to feel valued, no matter their ability, experience, or appearance.
  • 2. Growth does not take place overnight. A lifestyle change is you making a promise to your future self that you deserve better.
  • 3. A benefit of diverse physical activity is that there are infinite combinations. There is no “best” way to health, every person has different goals and characteristics, therefore must take different paths.

We do this to live

  • Health and wellness are parts of a whole person, but are parts which allow a whole person to function freely in life. Whether it be work or play, we want everyone to live well, and have fun in the process!


The best kept secret workout facility in Cary is Delphi fitness and wellness…  I have been attending Delphi since they opened and have thoroughly enjoyed the classes.  The classes are structured in such a way to get the most out of all the individuals attending.   I personally like all of the classes with a slight preference [for] the circuit training, which hits on all muscle groups, plus some cardio.  Several members prefer taking the Yoga and occasionally I will do so for a change of pace.  The instructors are top notch and have all intentions to give you the best workout possible for the time allotted.  Every time I attend Delphi I feel like I am receiving one-on-one instruction.  It is easy to get to know your exercise counterparts because we all attend for the same reasons and everyone supports everyone.  Delphi is very clean and not crowded or intimidating like the big box gyms.  The owners are local and very engaged with the members, always striving for 100% customer satisfaction.  It does not get much better than the Delphi facility, instructors, classes or owners....a complete package for me!!!--Craig Martin